Happiness and Smiling

Think for a moment, if you will, on the people you may see walking down a crowded city street. As you pass by each person, imagine the different uses of body language, how people walk, talk, and most importantly, notice the people who are smiling. Now, consider even further – which of the people that you pass, do you think, are happy? The answer, in the most simplistic terms, seems clear – the happy people are smiling, because being happy makes people smile. This may very well be true, but for me, I also see the reverse. Smiling makes people happy. In fact, I would say that the very pursuit of happiness begins with a smile.


Check Your Intention

Intention is how we define or measure your being. Remember: everything is energy. Energy is constantly vibrating and resonating to, through, and from your being in the form of intention. The notion of being can seem vague or abstract and is generally characterized by an energy which you can’t see, but you can feel. Measuring intention is a way of making this invisible world of energy visible, giving you the ability to powerfully design and create your outcomes.


Confessions of a Happiness Skeptic

There’s a saying that Russians are good at three things: suffering, making others suffer, and complaining about suffering. It would be funny, if it didn’t also happen to be true. As a Russian Jewish immigrant, I’ve lived that saying. I was raised to tolerate pain and suffering while moving forward.


3 Practical Tips To Start Off Equal Parenting And Balance At-Work Productivity After a Newborn

Most millennial couples, expecting their first baby, dream about sharing parenting responsibilities after the birth of their newborn. However keeping up with a demands of a newborn with pressures at work widen the gap of sharing responsibilities equally. After the first few days of caring for the baby, most dads begin to take a backseat. Studies have shown that couples that are able to share parenting responsibilities lead healthier lives ahead. To help start those responsibilities right, here are some practical tips for the first few weeks after your newborns arrival.

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