7 signs your commute to work is wearing you down

You try to balance time between your job and your life outside of the office. You’re busy. You’re often stressed. You really can’t afford to lose hours from your day. But if you commute to work, that’s exactly what’s happening. You may spend an hour, two hours, or even more every day sitting in your car, stuck in traffic, wishing you were somewhere else.


Sheryl Sandberg at MIT: “Technology Needs a Human Heartbeat”

We’ve been talking a lot this week about our relationship to technology, and our culture’s reckoning with it. In her commencement speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology today, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg spoke candidly about the importance of diversity, acceptance, and the necessary “human heartbeat” in technology. Sandberg addressed the need to create workplaces that welcome respect, and told graduates that they have the opportunity to make an impact at their new jobs as soon as they arrive. She also touched on the power of this year’s #MeToo movement, and talked about the necessity to create tools that will better the world. Read on for Sandberg's MIT commencement speech in full.


What to Say to a Friend with Depression

We know that mental health issues—including depression—are incredibly common (about 16 million Americans, or 6.7% suffer from depression alone, according to the NIH). And recent tragedies like the passing of Kate Spade only make that all the more clear. But what we don't always know is what to say, or how to help, a friend who counts themselves as one of those 16 million. What do you say to someone who's dealing with depression? How do you offer them help without coming off like you understand what they're going through when you really don't, or without offending them? It's a significant challenge to anyone looking to be a good friend.


When Times Get Tough, Try This Mental Health Workout Plan

We all face hard circumstances from time to time. Sometimes life throws us new responsibilities or burdens, and expects us to just roll with the punches. That can be quite difficult, especially when you’re already managing a mental illness. The good news is that we can have a plan when those unexpected hard times come up. Here are some recommendations for a mental health workout plan when you need help to weather hard times.


Eat For Happiness: 5 Rules

In my practice of psychiatric medicine, I spend every day treating patients so that their master mood regulator — the brain — will get more of what it needs to be strong, healthy, and happy. But when I meet new patients, I know that the way most of them eat — the typical American diet of sugars, refined carbohydrates, and industrial vegetable fats — does no favors for their mental health. The nation’s epidemic levels of obesity and diabetes have received plenty of news coverage, but rates of brain disorders like depression and dementia are also skyrocketing, and the American diet is partly to blame.

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