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Watch The Video That’s Taking The World By Storm Today. It Will Make You Stand Up For Your Rights!

Government archives’ historical documents testify that after a lengthy and difficult struggle, it took decades of agitation and protest to finally guarantee all American women the right to vote. The bill was passed by Congress June 4, 1919, and ratified on August 18, 1920. But have these struggles gone to waste?

Women seem to have the same rights as men, they are not just stay-at-home mums but also run successful businesses. However, somehow they still cannot reach what was promised to them – the equality. Women, especially their bodies, are still used as objects.

Women’s bodies are used everywhere, from press to advertisements and beyond. They portray women as objects, especially focusing on unrealistic beauty standards. The truth is, it’s very harmful to women, especially young girls who try reaching them and fail miserably. It increases doubt in their self-image and self-worth. These thing simply don’t exist in real life!

In this powerful video women held up signs with hashtags #WomenNotObjects, explaining why they’re standing up to the use of women and their bodies as mere objects. “I just think that it’s harming women psychologically, physically, mentally, socially,” one woman said. It doesn’t affect only them, it affects all women in the world; their mothers, daughters, friends and more.


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