9 Reasons Why Your Dad is #1

9 Reasons Why Your Dad is #1

Father’s Day is on June 21.

You and your dad might not have always seen eye to eye, but you have to admit he has been pretty cool. Whether you are a “Chip Off the Old Block,” or “Daddy’s Little Girl,” let’s take a moment and think about why our father is #1 to us.

Here are nine reasons why you should be grateful to you dad.

1. He Changed Your Diapers

Diaper Detail isn’t about bonding, it just has to be done. If you have ever been around babies, you know how bad a little jar of baby food can be when it’s that time.

2. He Took You Fishing

Okay, maybe it wasn’t for shark, but just hanging out with him in a different environment was an adventure. It didn’t really matter if you caught something.

3. He Taught You How To Ride A Bike


Remember how scary it was at first? But after a little practice and some encouragement from dad, you did it. It was your first taste of independence and you have been riding away from him ever since. He’s been watching you too.

4. He Taught You How To Play Sports

He spent hours with you, honing your skills. Remember the first time you won and it wasn’t because he let you? He might have been surprised, maybe mad even. But later on he was proud.

5. He Let You Borrow The Car

If you only knew how much he worried when you came home late without calling.

6. He Put Food On The Table


Maybe your dad wasn’t around a lot because he was always working. You always had something to eat though didn’t you?

7. He Gave You Away


For many women, the day of their wedding is the most important one of their lives. It’s only fitting that the father has this job.

8. He Loaned You Money


And you didn’t always pay it back. In fact you may owe him a lot of things, not just the money.

9. He Might Not Be Here Tomorrow

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Our time that we can spend with our loved ones is limited. The clock is always ticking, until it finally stops.

We need to tell the people we love, how much they mean to us while we can, and June 21 is the big day for dad.

Tell him you love him.

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