Defeated Yet Deven Schuko Remains A Hero

Defeated Yet Deven Schuko Remains A Hero

“Victory is remembered for at most two decades; an act of good sportsmanship is remembered for a lifetime.” – Simon Nguyen

Norton High School wrestling star Deven Schuko had a dream run this year with a record of 27-0, all he had to do was a triumph over another school kid for a perfect finish to the season. But Schuko had other plans when he threw his match against the wrestler of Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School, Massachusetts.

The high school wrestling star gave up on dreams of becoming the undefeated top dog, but the spectators and the people who read his exploits consider him the champion nonpareil.

Deven Schuko had a 27-0 record when he faced Andy Howland, his opponent from neighboring school who has Down syndrome. The match was one sided with Andy Howland pinning Schuko to the mat and claiming the bout. The duo shook hands and went back to their respective benches where Howland celebrated his win with his team while Schuko remained phlegmatic. However, his quiet act of sportsmanship did not go unnoticed.


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