10 Low Budget Paintings With A High Budget Price

10 Low Budget Paintings With A High Budget Price

I don’t claim to be an authority figure in the fine arts department. Nor do I have the money to purchase one of these highly sought-after collectables I do however, have an opinion.

My opinion is that these pieces of art are overpriced. See if you agree with me as we go through these 8 examples.

1) Paul Guigan, “When Will You Marry?”

This is a nice painting. Strong colors, bold lines, I like it. However, I don’t like it enough to buy it for $300,000,000 which is what it sold for in February of this year.

2) Vincent Van Gogh “Portrait of Dr. Gauchet”

Vinny did nice work even if he was a little crazy. He cut his own ear off over a woman! This painting was the last one he did before he committed suicide in 1890. If he knew that it would sell for $148.9 million someday, maybe he wouldn’t have been so depressed.

3) Paul Cezanne “Rideau, Cruchon et Compotier”

This is a nice painting, but I wouldn’t pay $85.6 million for some fruit that has been laying around.

4) Kazemir Malevich “Suprematist Composition”

$65.7 million for a bunch of different colored rectangles? I think I will pass on this one too, thank you.

5) Ani K

I don’t know what Ani charges for his paintings, but it doesn’t matter because I wouldn’t buy one. First of all, it doesn’t look that great to me personally. Secondly, he paints with his tongue, which I find to be rather nasty for some reason.

6) Millie Brown “Vomit”

Millie is known as the “Vomit Painter.” She has mastered the art of regurgitation to create puke paintings. Her last one sold for $2,400. That’s enough to make me sick.

7) Marilyn Manson “Hitler Takes A Nap”

I like Marilyn, I respects his uniqueness and creativity, but I wouldn’t buy this for $10,000.

8) Abstrakt Black “Terrible Painting”

Hey, at least he is being honest about his work right? I don’t know what he is charging for it, but he has more just like this for sale.

9) Gerhardt Richter “Blood Red Mirror”

Beautiful isn’t it? $1.1 million. I’m speechless.

10) Joan Miro “Pienture (La Chien)

This magnificent masterpiece sold for a mere $2.2 million. I think it shows a lot of talent, for a 3-year-old.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Maybe you think that these paintings are worth every penny of their price tags? Then by all means, take them, they are all yours my friend.

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