11 Biggest secrets kept by the Government

11 Biggest secrets kept by the Government

Whether or not the Government of a country should keep secrets locked up in its safe has always been a debatable question. While it’s certainly reasonable for the citizens to want to know what’s cooking, it might be just as necessary to for the government to cover up some stories for security reasons.

Reasonable or not there are a few secrets that the government of some nations tried (or are still trying) to guard, and below we reveal top 10 of those.The USA has more than just 2% of the planet’s proven oil reserves

1. The USA has more than just 2% of the planet’s proven oil reserves


Proven oil reserves are those that have already been discovered and can be recovered using economical strategies. The president of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama, claims that the country owns just 2% of the world’s proven oil reserves, however, if reports are to be believed then Mr. Obama has not disclosed the complete truth. According to Energy Information Administration, the country reports it’s proven oil reserves to be around 31.3 billion, however between 1980 and 2010, it produced 77.8 billion barrels of oil, and had a spare of 20.7 billion barrels, i.e. it produced 2.5 times the amount of proven oil it reportedly had.

2. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment


For forty years, between 1932 and 1972 a cold blooded experiment was conducted by the Public Health Service, U.S.A., in the name of altruistic science. The guinea pigs for the experiment were the illiterate sharecroppers of Alabama, who were never told the truth about the disease that they had. The doctors never had any intention of curing them of syphilis. Instead, the idea was to collect samples and data from their autopsies. The deaths tallied to 128, and the disease was transferred to 40 wives and 19 children.

3. The Government of America goes through every internet text exchange that crosses its political border


Many might be offended to know that their Government is secretly prying on them by perusing every e-mail, text or digital message that crosses their national boundaries, but apparently the NSA finds it perfectly justifiable just as long as it does it really quickly.

4. CIA Mind Control Experiments a.k.a MK Ultra


For nearly 2 decades The Central Intelligence Agency of the USA covertly conducted experiments on unwitting citizens to find out the effects of biological and chemical agents on them, just so they could stay head-to-head with their rivals, Russia, and China during the cold wars. Historians argue that the objective of the program was to create a mind control system using which the CIA could “program” subjects to conduct assassinations. In 1973, an attempt was made by the CIA director to destroy all documents related to the project.

 5. Area 51 or The Groom Lake


This restricted area located some 100 miles north of L.A., is a U.S. military installation, which has been rumored (or fantasized?) to be the site where the American government keeps alien-remains, crashed space-crafts, and UFO’s and even conducts queer space-related programs. A few CIA veterans falsified this theory by stating that the area is used as a testing ground for spy planes. However, who can blame the sci-fi lovers for letting their imaginations run amuck when the government takes totally crazy steps (example, installing spy-cameras on public lands) to keep the area a top secret.

6. Death of Subhash Chandra Bose


There is some evidence that suggests that the Government of India might indeed know something about the strange disappearance of its leader, Subhash Chandra Bose, into thin air, after his flight crashed on August, 1945. A parliamentarian, Sukhendu Sekhar Roy alleges that he discovered some documents regarding the case but his pleas and suggestions to present them in the Upper House of the Parliament was repeatedly silenced.

7. Pokhran Nuclear Tests: India


The mysterious Nuclear Program that ran in India from 1989 to 1998 was covered up so well, that it’s revelation after a Nuclear Blast had taken even the US officials in CLA by surprise. It was later found out that India was keeping its nuclear equipment underground and was conducting various nuclear tests from time to time.

8. Death of Lal Bahadur Shastri


The family of this Indian leader insists that he was poisoned to death, however, the government declared that Bahadur died of natural causes. The documents related to his demise and his post-mortem reports are said to be purposefully withheld by the government in fear that their apparition in public might lead to political tensions with foreign nations.

9. Spying on John Lennon


The FBI allegedly spied on the most iconic British star, John Lennon because it speculated that the Beatles singer was involved in a number of political activities that the FBI and MI5 didn’t approve of (for example, he supported a Marxist magazine called Red Mole run by student protest leader, and was against the Vietnam war).  Owing to these reasons, it (the FBI) vehemently opposed the singer’s right to settle in the United States.

10. Operation Mockingbird


In a desperate attempt to influence the public opinion (or brainwash them), the CIA began Operation Mockingbird in 1950s which included hiring journalists and publish dummy magazines which would promote ideas backed by them (CIA) and create fear against communism.

11. Secret bunks and tracks at Grand Central Stations


There is said to be a bunker nine stories below the lowest floor at Grand Central Station known as M-42 which housed guards during World War II who had shoot-to-kill orders. There’s also Track 61 which is not depicted in any of the station’s map. Its presence was known only to an elite few, who would use the track for easy, discreet, and intrusion free maneuver across the town. Spooky, right?

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