These 12 historic People would have been the Best on Instagram!

These 12 historic People would have been the Best on Instagram!

1. Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was a great military dictator, who won numerous battles; a conqueror that had majority of Europe under his control; a defeated and exiled emperor, who escaped, returned home and still convinced his countrymen to another war. A selfie for every battle won could, literally, fill Instagram.

2. Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta travelled 75,000 miles from Shanghai to Timbuktu, Indonesia to Italy; crossing 44 countries in the process. His travel exploits got him robbed and kidnapped but provided the world rare documentation, through his own writing, about the 14th century Mali Empire of Africa. Selfie for every city?

3. Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark led the expedition that charted the northwest of the U.S., in which they disappeared for 2 years in what was then an unknown region. They met numerous hardships; native hostility, sickness and extreme weather. The first Columbia river sighting would be a hell of a post.

4. Neil Armstrong

Everyone knows that Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon. Although his feat was more recent than others on this list, the first moon landing is just too big a moment to be not on instagram.

5. Freya Stark

Freya Stark, the last of the romantic travelers, is a female historical writer in the 1920’s who travelled the world, explored Central Asia and wrote tales of adventures that inspired other women to travel despite a very patriarchal field during the era.

6. Rabban Bar Sauma

Rabban Bar Sauma is a Chinese Monk;  77 years old when a Mongol Khan sent him to Europe as an Ambassador. He passed Baghdad, witnessed the battle of Sorrento and the eruption of Mt. Etna. He met European and Asian leaders, as well as 2 popes, which he all did by foot.

7. Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is a Chinese military commander who is famous for his writings, especially, the Art of War, which details the recipe for success. He would make the best quotes on Instagram.

8. Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci is famous for being a Renaissance man. A genius in multiple fields; sculptor, musician, engineer, inventor, mathematician, anatomist, cartographer, botanist, writer and geologist. Oh yeah, he also painted the Mona Lisa. Unlike most Instagram posts, this guy’s will be of value.

9. Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton gave the world the foundations of the Physics we know today; the laws of universal gravitation and laws of motion. The genius in Mr. Newton, wrote an entire branch of mathematics, Calculus, at the rate at which at which we learn it today. Selfies would not exist without him.

10. Albert Einstein

Regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in history, Albert Einstein opened new doors that were previously unknown to Physics.  E = mc2, the mass-energy equivalence, is the world’s most popular equation. It is concise and beautiful, better than any buttocks posted on Instagram.

11. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is a popular figure in the United States’ history. While seated as the 16th President, Lincoln abolished slavery and empowered the federal government after winning the biggest civil war in the United States. He may have something to say about how the big chains are once again on people’s necks.

12. Adolf Hitler

Unknown to most, Hitler’s teenage best friend was a Jew. A Jewish shelter also took Hitler in and fed him when he was too poor to buy anything. Whether his reason for the holocaust was religious or political, only one thing’s for certain, the mustache and the hand signs will draw a lot of hits.

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