10 Of The World’s Worst Serial Killers

10 Of The World’s Worst Serial Killers

The FBI estimates there are between 25-50 serial killers operating in the U.S. at any given time. This means that serial killers are always present in society, you might be sitting next to one right now. The media sensationalizes these monsters, and the public has always had some strange fascination with them. Everyone has heard of Ted Bundy, or John Wayne Gacy, but here is a list of 10 serial killers you might not be familiar with.

1) Luis Garavito

Child-murderer, torture-killer, and rapist known as “La Bestia” The Beast. He confessed to killing 140 children over a 5 year period in Columbia. Suspected of murdering over 400, mostly street children.

2) Daniel Camargo

Child-murderer. Believed to have possibly raped and murdered over 150 victims, mostly young virgin girls. Confessed to 72. Considered to be intelligent and blames his attacks on his step-mother, who abused him as a child.

3) Kampatimar Shankariya

Sentenced to death for using a hammer to kill at least 70 people. He was hanged in 1979.

4) Yang Xinhai

Entered victim’s homes at night and murdered everyone with axes, meat cleavers, hammers and shovels. Known as “The Monster Killer” he was executed in 2004.

5) Andrei Chikatilo

Known as “The Red Ripper” he was convicted of killing 53 women and children between 1978-1990. He was executed in 1994, but not before an innocent man was convicted and executed for his first murder.

6) Gary Ridgeway

Confessed to killing 71 women. Convicted of 49, almost exclusively prostitutes from Seattle, Washington. Known as “The Green River Killer,” he is America’s most prolific serial killer.

7) Alexander Pichushkin

Known as “The Chessboard Killer.” He stated that he wanted to be Russia’s most prolific serial killer. Suspected of killing 60 people, convicted on 48.

8) Thiago Gomez de Rocha

He was a Brazilian security guard who confessed to killing 39 people.

9) Moses Sithole

Posing as a businessman, he preyed on unemployed women. Sithole offered them a job, then lured them into isolated places, where he raped, tortured, and murdered them. He was sentenced to 2410 years, and is up for parole after 930 years. Regarded as South Africa’s Ted Bundy.

10) Ramadan Abdel Rehim Mansour

Gang leader known as “The Express Train.” He raped and tortured over 32 homeless childrenon trains in Cairo,Egypt. Most of them were boys aged 10-14. The victims were usually thrown off the trains when they were dead, or while they were still in agony. Sometimes they were thrown into the Nile, or buried alive.

Rather horrifying aren’t they? It is inconceivable how people can commit such crimes, but it happens, all the time. Somewhere, someone, is being murdered right now.

Serial killers can be male, or female. They are usually not insane, but rather sociopaths, or psychopaths, which are not recognized as mental illnesses by the American Psychiatric Association, They are entirely aware of what they are doing, and they are doing it over and over.

Now, with all of this new information you have, I wish you sweet dreams tonight. Maybe you should leave a light on.

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