12 Reasons Why Having a Dog is Better Than a Relationship

12 Reasons Why Having a Dog is Better Than a Relationship

It’s been a while since you had a girlfriend and now you are all alone? Firstly, you still suffer because of the break up and secondly, because you feel lonely. Do not forget though, that being alone gives you much more time for you, your friends and family. Take advantage of that!

If you have a dog you know what kind of happiness is that, even though it is a big responsibility too. If you have not got any, it is time for you to get one. There are several reasons listed below that truly describe the advantage of having a dog and why it is better than a relationship.

1. Chocolate!

As we all already know, chocolate is toxic and sometimes it can even be fatal to the dogs. Among all the animals, dogs are more predisposed to the damage caused by chocolate because of the ingredients in it. So comparing this to your girlfriend/boyfriend’s desire for chocolate means only one thing – more chocolate for you.

2. Giving orders!


I bet you have encountered an unexpected situation when you asked your girlfriend/boyfriend about something really easy to be done and you get nothing but rejection and rudeness. With a dog you don’t have to worry about this no more. When you give your dog orders, the dog performs them straight away without complaints and does not feel humiliated or offended.

3. More bed space!

Yes, you read it correctly. More space in the bed for you. Your dog will love to be sleeping next to you but whenever you decide that it takes a large part of your bed and you feel uncomfortable, you can send it away. Let us not forget that it has got its own bed.

4. No more remarks!

Your dog is not going to make remarks about not having your laundry done, or why you have not shaved your beard, or why you are not cooking or why you are not in perfect grooming. That is all gone by simply replacing your boyfriend or girlfriend with… a dog! How easy was that, huh!?

5. Forgot its birthday, don’t worry!

Forgetting your partner’s birthday date could be a struggle, wait no, no, it is a DISASTER! Especially when you try to build a long-standing relationship. On the other hand we have your dog. If by any chance you have forgotten its birthday, it will forgive you. Simple as that!

6. Gibberish messages via cellphone? – No!

Have you ever been left with your mouth open after reading a completely meaningless message sent to you from your partner? What I mean is the lack of any empathy and compassion in the text messages you get. Furthermore, not being cute and lovely but always trying to give attitude over a text. Not to mention the stupid autocorrect that could possibly ruin your relationship. How funny is that? Here your dog comes. You will never get a message from your dog that you could not understand. Actually you will not get any messages at all, guess why? Because your dog cannot use a cell phone!

7. Partner for life!

Unlike your partner, your dog will always be there to accompany you wherever you decide to go. Whether it will be for a walk in the garden or at the local lake fishing, your dog won’t just say no. It is even more likely to grab the angle itself and takes you to the lake.

8. Presents, the dog likes presents!

Never thought that being in a relationship could be so simple in terms of presents? If we refer back to the well-known boy-girl relationship, maybe it is not true. You cannot always be sure what kind of present your partner would like. Certainly, your dog won’t have any particular preferences so whether you want to dress it like a clown or give it a dog chew bone it is fine.

9. Bad mood?

I admit it I still struggle with that from time to time. We all do. It is an existential problem. If some day you feel down and there is no one there to cheer you up, don’t worry. Your dog will ever be right next to you so you have a shoulder to cry on.

10. No rejections (works both ways)!

When your dog is hungry or wants to go out, the way it expresses it is just irresistible. This sweet looking buddy, with a soul of an animal just wants its basic needs to be satisfied. And the way it shows it is just unbelievably sweet. You cannot just resist!

11. Low blood pressure!

After number of scientific researches it has been proven that dog’s owners have better cardiac index. That includes blood pressure and cholesterol and is compared to people without any pets. Apropos, you have to be sure that if you consider taking a dog in your house you will surely contribute positively to your health!

12. You won’t be bored

Let us be honest. All in all having one of these little fluffy mates (could be big as well, depends on the preferences of the owner) could really contribute to a better lifestyle, because frankly, we sometimes need someone just to listen to us and not talking. We need something to assure that we will not be alone no matter how we feel or what we say against. So I repeat while having one of these you won’t be bored. Dogs love to play, jump and even the bad days could turn into good ones. Your dog will never give up on you!

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