10 of the Most Thrilling Rides in the World

10 of the Most Thrilling Rides in the World

These rides take you gyrating through crazy loops, and then they soar to mind-boggling heights, making your heart gallop at bullet speeds, and just when they hit their lofty summits, they drop down into what feels like the deepest pits. Go through this list that points out some of the scariest rides from across the world that are guaranteed to make you feel nauseous.Verrückt at Schlitterbahn (Kansas City)

1. Verrückt at Schlitterbahn (Kansas City)


Verruckt is German for ‘insane’ and the ride that was opened in the summer of 2014 absolutely justifies its name. This ride that boasts of the title of being the world’s tallest water slides (it’s taller than Niagara Falls), drops four passenger rafts from a whopping height of 169 foot. To add to the gut-wrenching excitement the water jets propel the rafts for a second 50-feet drop.

2. Superman: Escape from Krypton (California)


If a ride that catapults its passengers to a 415 foot high tower at a jaw-dropping speed of 100 miles per hour with their heads facing backwards during the launch doesn’t leave you weak at the knees, then nothing else will. This ride is a complete package that gives its riders a thrill of reaching maniacal heights, at crazy speeds, and feel weightless as they free-fall back.

3. Fahrenheit at Hersheypark (Pennsylvania, USA)


In just about 85 seconds, this scary ride takes one through multifarious crests and falls that leave its riders praying for life. The frenzy begins when the riders are lifted to a height of 121 feet and then dropped to a 97-degree negative drop in one fell swoop. After living through this the riders have to encounter 107-feet inverted loops, s-rolls, inverted cork-screws, exciting airtimes, cobra element, and so much more.

4. Eejanaika Fuji-Q Highland Fujiyoshida (Japan)


The nightmarish accident of ‘The Final Destination – 3’ may flash briefly before your eyes while you ride this seventh highest roller coaster of the world, and I say ‘briefly’ because for the rest of the time all of your senses would be fixated on getting the hell out of the ride. The cars on this frightening roller coaster flip on a horizontal roller coaster independent of the tracks, to give it the spine-tingling ‘4-D’ effect.

5. Tower of Terror at Dreamworld Gold Coast (Australia)


This high and mighty ride of the Southern Hemisphere swoops the riders to a lofty height of 377 feet, and then at a ruthless speed of 100 miles per hour gives a zero-gravity drop. After this wild maneuver up and down the tower, it stretches out for very long lengths to knock its riders silly.

6. Expedition GeForce at Holiday Park HaBloch (Germany)


Operating since 2001, this is the most loved roller coaster that is also crowned by many prestigious titles. It reaches an astounding height of 203 feet and renders its riders weightless at least 7 seven times during its long zig-zag across the park.

7. The Cannonball Loop (United States of America)


This was a mammoth water tube that swirled its riders into 360-degree loops. Built in the 1980s, this water ride had to be closed owing to the several accidents that it became infamous for. If one tiny thing deviated from how it ideally should’ve been, the riders were either subjected to several degrees of pain or got trapped inside.

8. Tehran Neck Cracker (Iran)


The ride earned its amusing name from one of its riders when he suffered from hours of neck pain after taking the ride that gyrates its passengers in loops so tight that they can almost see the backs of their heads. So, be prepared with the right gear before taking this ride from hell.

9. Human Catapult (United Kingdom)


What kind of a person would like to be flung into the air at a pesky speed of 60 miles per hour, only to be thrown into a net situated 75 feet away? Then again, there have been some daredevils who just couldn’t resist the kind of adrenaline rush that this ride induces. Quite obviously, people have fallen victim to this frightening ride.

10. Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure


This roller coaster subtracts all the gimmicky loops and twirls. All it does is, shoot its passengers to as high as 456 feet at 128 miles per hour giving them a brief, but terrifying experience of zero gravity that’s enough to stimulate projectile vomits.

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