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Share On Facebook 790  10 Golden Rules For Good Health

Let me challenge the way you think and perhaps to change the way you live by sharing this inspiring quote with you:

Our bodies are like gardens and our willpower is like the gardener.  – Shakespeare

Think about that and let it resonate for a second.

Alright, we are good to go.

When we are healthy we do not notice that our bodies serve us as temples and with the right approach – It pays off. Respectively, the other way about – if not approached right even healthy, you will start feeling the burden at some point. The age of a person has no big significance when they are both mentally and physically healthy. The workdays, nonetheless, could be extremely burdened and still would not feel overwhelmed at the end of the workday, but full of optimism and plans for the next one.

Now, you are given the chance, to check on which are the 10 golden rules for good health.

And here we go:

1. Control your breathing, do not let it control you!

Do not forget that our breathing is in the foundation of our body, that our body’s energy comes mainly from the oxygen. If you do not breathe correctly (abdominal), how do you expect to be healthy?

2. Chew the solid food well.


It’s been known for years, that chewing your food well is important and can do more good than swallowing whole bites. Logical isn’t it? Eating more slowly benefits your health in every aspect.  Particularly, when it comes down to solid foods, they have to be chewed until they become liquid and then swallowed.

3. Keep the liquids and soft food in your mouth for longer


It is important that you keep the food in your mouth for longer. Even if fluidity. You may want to do this because when you chew the food and keep it in your mouth for longer, it acquires body temperature and thereby spares the stomach.

4. Drink 3 times more liquids (water, preferably)


When we move,  lift something or undertake any kind of physical activity, the human body temperature starts to increase. To prevent us from overheating, we start sweating so the body can cool down a bit. Furthermore, our body not only starts to cool down, but starts to dehydrate as well. That is why it is very important to drink as many liquids as possible.

5. Movement = Life

Basically, those who exercise a lot – live a lot. Those who don’t – die. It is important to know how to move properly, without pressure on the human engine support apparatus. Use mainly your own weight when exercising. As simple as that.

6. I think therefore I am

I think right therefore I live right. I think positively and live positively. I think for the good of myself and of the others, therefore, the others think for the good of me. I do not respond to evil with evil because I just amplify it. Positive thinking, a positive outcome. Think before you think. That is why a man is called “A reasonable being”.

7. Who does not plan, plans to fail

Make a schedule. In ancient Greece, there are two extreme definitions for what the world is – Chaos and Space, order and disorder. That’s called – duality. Put your life in order and you will see it flourishing.

8. Eat, drink and use only natural substances

I do this on a daily basis! I use nothing, but only natural stuff. It is really hard and I struggle with finding, for example, organic products and sometimes can’t cope with it, but I try, I always try. Nature has given us everything and It is our choice whether we are going to take an advantage of that or not. Organic, which our body is, cannot sustain and live longer if treating it inorganically.

9. Spend, at least a day per week, entirely submersed in the nature.


No sources of information, no mobile phones, no music.  Merely the sound of the forest and the nature. We were born, adhering to a natural law and the Earth is our mother.  You may not have Wi-Fi in the forest, but you will feel a better connection with everything.

10. Trust but verify


ven everything that’s been written so far, all these pieces of wisdom, extracted from the memory of the millenniums must be checked by you, personally.  Always seek the deepest truth about your life and health and not the concept made up by someone else for you.

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