7 Books Hated By Their Own Authors

7 Books Hated By Their Own Authors

Writing a novel definitely is not one of the easiest things. Some authors, who write bestsellers, often have mixed feelings in pursuance of their own work. However, they try to advertise it in order to enhance the chance of becoming a household name. Some others, though, who write favorite books, therefore, are forced to give interviews and comments about their creation, which, honestly, does not satisfy them that much.

Let me present you exactly 7 authors of famous and favorite creation stories, who, in fact, do not bounce off the walls when they hear about their own books.

1. Anthony Burgess – “A clockwork orange”

Later reborn into a movie, the book “A clockwork orange” by Anthony Burgess illustrates the future of Great Britain, filled with violence. Burgess himself does not like what the book has turned into. Nevertheless, he blew the fuse, because of the fact that the society accepts his book as a support of violence, which wasn’t Anthony’s intention.

2. Ian Fleming – “The spy who loved me”

Fleming writes this book with a purpose. What’s the purpose you ask? Well, let me enlighten you on the subject. It was created so it can turn the well-known James Bond into a secondary character. The work has been considered for a complete fail and receives bad comments for the most. While Fleming is alive, the book has not been read. After his death, the famous “Agent 007” story has been brought to life.

3. Franz Kafka – “Metamorphosis”

Kafka has been so obsessed with burning his creations right after he writes them. In “Metamorphosis”, Kafka writes about a man, who wakes up and finds out that he has been turned into a large insect. The book is as troublesome as fascinating. Franz hates his story books so much that he asks a friend of him to burn everything after his death. His friend, however, decides to publish them.

4. Stephen King – “Rage”

The content of the book has been marked as negative, not only by the society, but by Stephen King himself. It tells us a story of a student who goes into the classroom, during classes and kills his teacher. After a real-life scenario from the same character happens in a school in Colorado, King wants his book to fall out of print as he believes it was the reason which inspired this. This is his first novel published in 1977 under the pseudonym Richard Bachman.

5. Alan Milne – “Winnie the Pooh”

Despite that Milne is a fiction writer, the stories for Winnie the Pooh that he makes up for his son, bring him incredible success. The story tells what the stuffed animals owned by his son would do if they were alive.

6. Alan Moore – “V for Vendetta”

Moore creates many problems for himself with the publishers from “DC Comics”. Terrible problems that compel him to hate one of the most read comic books – “V for Vendetta”. Moore wants to be the only owner of the rights of the creation. At first, the company promises that but does not fulfill what has promised. Alan strictly affirms that he wants to take his name off the book.

7. Kurt Vonnegut – “Breakfast of champions”

Vonnegut never gets high grades for his books. The highest he gets is for “Breakfast of champions”, which he does not like. What Kurt says is “When I write, it’s like I am with my hands cut off. A cripple with a pencil in his mouth.”

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