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10 Ways To Help Strengthen The Connection Between Us And Our Intuition

10 Ways To Help Strengthen The Connection Between Us And Our Intuition

We come across and read all about advices that encourage us to listen to our inner voice because it will never bend the truth. But how are we supposed to do this? How to hear what it says? If you don’t know, keep reading.

1. Through Meditation

Spend some time in silence and meditation. When you stay still and quiet, you will be easily enabled to touch your intuitive nature. As soon as you tell the voice of your ego to disappear by just listening, then you will hear this intuition. One quick suggestion for meditation – put your legs straight up on a wall, hold them like this for at least 5 minutes. Usually, I do it between 15-30 minutes and It helps a lot.

2. Communication with the nature

The nature is a great “psychotherapist”. With its firm tranquility, it does set us free from our worriment, anxiety, the daily stress, and mental pressure. Spend some time in the nature each day, doing this.

3. Create

Reach out to your inner you through drawing, writing, singing or dancing. Find which area you are the most interested in and work upon it. Self-development is the key to staying always fresh.

4. Learn how to listen

Learn how to listen to your family, your friends. Most importantly, learn how to listen to yourself. It will show you the right path. When listening, try to feel the message, to understand it through interpretation and responsiveness.  Stay open, patient and trust your journey.

5. Understand your body

Learn to understand your body’s language. Your body is your temple and it shows you when it’s tired, happy, ill or when it needs to be loved. Actually, love is never enough and you don’t have to worry if you give your body “too much love”.

6. Let the things go

I know it might be sometimes hard to let go of something. However, you do not have to (and you can’t) control everything. Let go of the old that is no longer positively serving you and trust that it will be replaced with better.

7. Keep the positive attitude

Last research of “Psychological Science” 2013, has proven that participants who have maintained positive attitude, have been much more intuitive compared to those who haven’t. So, have fun!

8. Keep a journal

When you dive into your heart’s and soul’s emotions you start seeing tendencies and understand new things about yourself. Through that process, you will better recognize the voices of your intuition and ego. Nevertheless, writing down your dreams could contribute to revealing some of the deepest secrets hidden in your conscious.

9. Ask your intuition and move forward

If the matter that is bothering you and simple answers like “yes” or “no” are not possible, ask your intuition for the right choice. Sit on a chair and stay relaxed. Close your eyes and start thinking about the “problem” (I do not even use this word as I don’t like it, but I know that many other people do use it, so it fits perfectly). Keep thinking for at least a minute, after which, you should forget about the problem and believe that your intuition will give you the right answer.

10. Choose your “lucky signs”

Another way of communication with your intuition is to determine which signs bring you luck. I am interested in numerology and, for example, my lucky signs would be the repeating numbers (22:22; 11:11; 11:55; 22:33 etc.). In the past, I was not paying that much of attention to this, but now I see them very often as I try to approach it openly and also read up on that subject a lot.

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