11 Free Apps that Are Better Than Going to the Gym

11 Free Apps that Are Better Than Going to the Gym

1. Seconds – (Free for iOS)

Seconds is a timer for interval training. What’s really awesome about Seconds is that you can customize the exercises and the app will speak the intervals out loud while you work out. This app lets music play in the background and the alerts will play over top.

2. Nike Training Club (Free, iOS and Android)

This app is ideal for those who don’t want to spend hours in the gym, but who also want the direction that a personal trainer would provide. Nike Training Club creates an entire four-week workout plan based on your goals. Workouts range from 15 – 45 minutes and you can eliminate certain activities from your program, (IE: if you cannot run or if you’re limited in workout ability for other reasons).

3. Spring Moves (Free, iOS)

Spring Moves is great for those that love to dance. You choose how intense and what kind of music that Spring Moves should play, and the app will then track your mileage through GPS and it will play songs matching your rate. You can skip songs that you don’t like, too. Not only great for running, Spring Moves also has functions for cycling, rowing and swimming.

4. Couch to 5k, (Free, iOS and Android)

If you’re planning on running a 5k but haven’t worked out for a while, this is the perfect app for you. It will slowly but steadily ramp your workout up to prepare you for a 5k run. In the beginning of your regimen, you may only need to jog for 20 minutes several times a day. By the end, you’ll be running for 30 minutes straight!

5. 7 Minute Workout Web App (Free)


What’s best about the 7-minute workout that the New York Times put out is that it is available for any OS. It works on tablets, computers and phones, and it will provide you illustrations on how to do each exercise in your program. All you need is 7 minutes and the will to workout!

6. Sworkit Lite (Free, iOS and Android)


With this app, you can hit one button and be ready to work out in accordance with their “fit in 5 minutes” program. Three types of workouts are available: strength, yoga and cardio. Guiding videos will play automatically to show you each exercise. Lastly, this app provides a cool down stretching sequence after your workouts.

7. FitStar Yoga (Free, iOS)

Start as a beginner yogi and work your way through poses until you’re ready for the advanced practice! On the basic version of this app, you get a full-length session once weekly. You’ll also have access to a few freestyle workouts. Videos are used to show you how to do the exercise and there are programs for strength, rehab/ recovery and more!

8. Zombies, Run! (Free, iOS and Android)

You know those people who are convinced that a world-ending event is coming? You know the people within that group that are prepping for a zombie apocalypse? This is their running app. Set to a story and themed around the premise that zombies are taking over, this app encourages you to run to escape the hoards of reanimated dead! Along the way, you’ll collect items and use them to complete your mission of survival.

9. Strava (Free, iOS and Android)

Strava logs the times of your runs and rides through your GPS and it allows you to compete with your friends (or strangers through the app) on times for doing certain “stretches” in your area. There’s also a “Segment Explorer” that allows you to see the popular routes near you.

10. Bodeefit, (Free, iOS, Android and Windows Phone)

This app is cool because they offer you a free new workout daily. None of the workouts require equipment and GIF files are used to show you the steps in each exercise. While there are other workout programs designed for beginners, this one is more geared to intermediate to advanced level fitness buffs.

11. Mountain Athletics (Free, iOS)

This app offers a six week training program that can be applied for climbing, skiing, running or general fitness. Every session that you participate in will address a different group of muscles or fitness goals. Core strength and upper body are just two examples of the kinds of sessions Mountain Athletics offers. Most sessions also require equipment like a curl bar, barbells or weighted plates.

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