8 Things Women Do That Drives Men Nuts

8 Things Women Do That Drives Men Nuts

“Women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” This is a famous quote by Desiderius Erasmus, a philosopher who died in 1536. Here a fitting variation of it…

Men and women are different animals, and we see things differently. As a result, we often drive each other crazy. Here is a list of 8 behaviors that women do, that make men want to scream.

1) Nagging

Apparently, men are the only ones to use the term “nagging.” Women like to call it communication.

Ladies, we heard you the first time, going over it 20 times again later, doesn’t usually give you the positive effect you’re looking for.

2) Shopping

Most men don’t like to go shopping with our women. A guy would just as soon shop online, or get in and get out of the store without too much fuss.

Women however, love to shop. They have to try everything on, to make sure it doesn’t make their butt look fat, or whatever. This typically can take hours.

3) Wearing Too Much Makeup

A little is alright, too much is just plain scary.

4) Gossiping

When guys have a problem, they confront their friends face to face, while women have always been notorious for talking about their friends behind their back.

5) Taking Too Long To Get Ready

We both knew what time the party was going to start for a week now. Why does it take so long to decide what shoes you are going to wear?

6) Too Clingy

Some women need to be assured that they are wanted, 24 hours a day. Heaven forbid if you ignore a text for a while, or don’t return a phone call.

Taking some time for yourself must certainly mean that you don’t care about them like you used to.

7) You’re Not Into Threesomes

It’s a misconception really. Women think all men want to try it, but actually only 21% of U.S. men admit to fantasizing of a three way.

8) PMS

We understand that having your period is uncomfortable, and PMS is a real problem for some women. But using it as an excuse to be miserable and making everyone around you miserable at the same time, gets old.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that all women do this, or that some guys don’t enjoy shopping sometimes. These are just 8 common gripes that men seem to share.

Being different is part of what attracts us to each other in the first place. We will never fully understand the opposite sex, and maybe that is a good thing. It keeps things interesting.

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