10 Creative Jobs for Students To Take Up This Summer

10 Creative Jobs for Students To Take Up This Summer

This is the time of the year where every student struggles to find an apt internship or a part-time job which can help them acquire useful skills,


gather experience, or simply stuff their pockets with pelf. This article takes you through a list of few jobs which do not require expertise in any particular field or a formal degree. Scroll down to find out if it has something that strikes some positive chords with you.


1. Content Writing


If words and grammar are your forte then you should absolutely give content writing a shot. A lot of brands, companies, and websites are ready to hire students for this position. Not only does it help you earn a modest salary, it is a great way to acquire knowledge and stay abreast with latest grammar trends.

2. Comic Strip Designing


Summer holidays is the best time for cartoonists and artists to boost their creativity by creating comic strips and selling them for money. If your cartoons and stories click with your audience, then you get to be the next Dr. Suess.

3. Fashion Consultant/ Stylist


If you are hip, shopaholic or have an awesome sense of fashion, then why not build a career out of it or use that talent of yours to earn money and make someone look chic? You wouldn’t believe the number of people who are rich enough or wastrel enough to pay hefty sums to have someone tell them what does or does not make them look gorgeous.

4. Creative Designer


If you have a passion for colors and art then designing ads, posters, themes or layouts for magazines, flyers, etc could just be the thing for you. If you are majoring in Computer Science then consider UI designing. Most often, these jobs do require some technical knowledge, however, there are start-ups who are willing to hire inexperienced but talented individuals.

5. Start a YouTube channel


Although making money out of this hobby might take some time and is not guaranteed, but if you do get lucky enough, you’ll be shot to fame overnight. So whatever it is you are good at, giving fashion tips or throwing jibes at celebrities, just get it recorded, uploaded, and get ready to roll.

6. Start a blog


Again, you’d have to be a regular blogger and passionate enough to writes blogs that attract traffic. Once you are all set, there are sites (Google, for example) that’ll be happy to help you earn some money out of your hobby.

7. Transcribe


This job requires you to listen to a couple audio (or even video at times) files and type the words that you hear so that what is produced is a transcribed sript. There are some companies that may ask you to convert the text written on an image into plain ASCII format text files. A simple and effective technique to earn money that only depends on your ability to hear, read, and type well.

8. Tuition


This is the chance for you to teach others any skills that you’ve honed over the years and it could be anything, from playing guitar to speaking Spanish. You give a skill and you get valuable experience and, of course, good money.  Sell crafts on Etsy

9. Sell crafts on Etsy


If you have a knack for DIY projects and can produce creative and gorgeous handicrafts then don’t let your stuff rot in the garage. It’s good to store these articles as a keepsake but if you want you can sell them on etsy (and now even on Amazon) to earn some dough in exchange of them.

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk


Create a worker account on Amazon Mechanical Turk, complete a few tasks each day (like selecting the correct spelling for some search terms, rating the search results for keywords, or checking if two products are same) and quickly add a few cents to your pockets.

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