Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan weaving using traditional designs and paduru rata: The fading art of Handloom culture

Surrounded by picturesque mountains, the village of Talagune produces attractive handloom products, unique to the Dumbara valley. The handloom culture in Talagune has its roots in the distant past. The handloom craftsmen of the village have provided clothes and decorations to the Sri Dalada Maligawa and King Rajasingha’s royal palace.


Solitude in the hills

Ratnapura is blessed with beautiful settings surrounded by fertile greenery. The Batadombalena forest reserve is a journey of discovery amidst shallow streams and moss covered rocks. The surroundings are so peaceful that one could spend time in reflection listening to the gurgling sounds of flowing water. Since the Batadombalena forest is set away from human habitation, it retains the beauty of Nature’s generous blessings.

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