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A month for book lovers

Do you love books ? Do you love reading ? If you already know that reading makes a full man (or woman) then this month (September) is for you. Here in Sri Lanka and in many other countries, September is celebrated as the Literary Month (sometimes also called Literature Month) , headlined by the International Day of Literacy on September 8. In most countries, this event is preceded by Read a Book Day (September 6) and Buy a Book Day (September 7). Yes, worldwide, a large number of children and adults cannot read and cannot unlock the magic of books. This day focuses on the efforts to teach millions of such individuals to read and write in their own languages. Luckily for Sri Lanka, more than 90 percent of people are literate, which is an admirable rate for a developing country.


‘Fusion of Moods’… the journey that began

Fusion of Moods, the first Solo Photographic Exhibition by Dr.Vickum Senanayake, was held from June 22-24, 2018, at the Lionel Wendt Art Centre. This exhibition coincided with Vickum’s 50th birthday, which fell on June 23, where he created a theme of “50 Years….50 Images…..50 Wheelchairs”, in support of the Cerebral Palsy Lanka Foundation.


Buttoning up a new dress with Button Masala

It was a mixed bunch that gathered at the Design Collective on a Saturday morning to see how Indian designer Anuj Sharma would create an item of clothing sans a single stitch. Anuj Sharma is credited with being able to create exquisite clothing without employing a needle and thread but simply by using buttons and rubberbands.


Pampering skin with CocoSkin goodness

Nirudi Pussewela launched CocoSkin with four simple tried and tested homemade skin care blends. She strongly advocates going back to the most natural of ingredients to achieve healthy and beautiful skin and presents a strong case for adding an all natural homemade product to your face and body care regimen.

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