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Party leaders resolve to hold trouble free sittings

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday stressed on the need to pass the No Confidence Motion (NCM) against the government by name or using the electronic voting system, for him to take a decision.

The President addressing the All Party Conference held in a friendly and cordial atmosphere at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday, said that it was the most acceptable mode of action for him, the people and the international community.

The President also observed that a Voice Vote is acceptable in accordance with Standing Orders. “However, when we have to take a decision on a very vital issue like the change of government, voice voting is not proper and it lacks transparency, a communiqué issued by the President’s Media Unit said.

The All Party Conference was called to consider the prevailing situation and to discuss the action necessary to resolve for smooth sailing. The deliberation resolved to conduct parliamentary business without undue disturbances when Parliament meets today.

The communique issued by the Presidential Secretariat said that the Leaders of the Political Parties present at the deliberations agreed that Party Leaders should decide the future course of action and the way to conduct affairs in Parliament when Party Leader meet today.

The All Party Conference was well attended by all political parties invited except the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP). The JVP had informed him in writing that they opt to stay out of this conference.

(Daily News)

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