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AL Examination at 2180 centres

AL Examination at 2180 centres

The amended time schedule of the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination has been included in the official website of the Examinations Department. Commissioner General for Examinations W.M.N.J. Pushpakumara said that arrangements have been finalized to hold the Advanced Level Examination at 2180 centres.

236,072 candidates will be sitting the 2015 G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination. The number of private candidates is 72,997. Accordingly the total number of candidates sitting the Examination will be 309,069. The examination will be conducted at 2180 Centres. The amended time schedule has been published in the www.donets.lk website.

Mr. Pushpakumara said the Examination will commence on August 08th as scheduled and end on the 13th. The Examination will resume on August 24th after the general election and continue until September 08th.

The Examinations chief said that all arrangements have been finalized for the conduct of the Scholarship Examination and will be held as scheduled on August 23rd.

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