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Per capita income to 6000 US Dollars

Per capita income to 6000 US Dollars

President Maithripala Sirisena has emphasized that new industries will be launched with intention of increasing the per capita income to 6000 US Dollars within next year.
The President laid this emphasis joining in the granting of benefits obtained from the Seethawaka Gem Mining Project in Talduwa to the beneficiaries.

The distribution of the benefits of the Gem Mining Joint Pilot Project of the Seethawaka River among the people of the area took place at the Dehiowita Pradeshiya Sabha auditorium. 34.2 million rupees was distributed among 165 places of worship as well as among 902 Samurdhi recipients, differently abled persons and orphans.
Further speaking on the occasion, President Sirisena said that a policy decision has been taken to dish out to low income families in the relevant areas the profits earned by businessmen as well as the Government from the gem industry in the future. He said the activities of the Gem Corporation within the last few years was not up to the satisfactory level. He mentioned that it was not politicos but a group involved in the gem industry should be engaged in these activities.

President Maithripala Sirisena assured that necessary action would be taken to carry forward the Gem Corporation as an establishment sans political interference. In his address, the President said that it was expertise on the Constitution in developed countries that take the forefront in the crafting of the Constitution. But the President added that in Sri Lanka the crafting of the Constitution would be made prelude through the involvement of local politicians on behalf of the victory of their parties.
Among those present on the occasion was a group including regional politicians.

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