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MR calls for fresh elections to defend rupee

Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa (R) walks away after addressing reporters at his residence in Colombo on 22 September, demanding fresh elections as a way to tackle the rapidly-depreciating local currency. Rajapaksa said the rupee had fallen by over 8% against the US Dollar because of poor economic management of the Government and not entirely due to the global strength of the green back – AFP

The Joint Opposition yesterday called on the Government to arrest Terrorist Investigation Department Director DIG Nalaka Silva and Director Operations of Anti-Corruption Force Nalaka Kumara.

IGP Pujitha Jayasundara too should step down from his post to make room for an impartial investigation, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Chairman Prof G. L. Peiris told Daily FT.

Two weeks ago, Kumara made allegations that DIG Silva was involved in a plot to assassinate President Maithripala Sirisena and Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. DIG Silva has been sent on compulsory leave as the Criminal Investigation Department investigates into the allegations.

Prof. Peiris further said that, according to standard procedures, people who have been accused of such activity would be arrested and produced before a magistrate.

“If the IGP remains in his position, there would be a conflict of interest. The connection between the IGP and Nalaka Silva was revealed at Parliament a few days ago: therefore we have no faith in this investigation. This is a matter of National security, which cannot be taken lightly,” he said, adding that Minister Mahinda Amaraweera also requested to remove the IGP from this position until investigations were over.

Further, he said that the SLPP was not satisfied by the steps taken by the Government on this alleged assassination attempt.

“CID has not recorded a statement, nor has any other unit has recorded a statement from DIG Nalaka Silva,” he said. “First the Government transferred Nalaka Silva to the IT Division, which cannot be accepted. Then due to public pressure, Nalaka Silva was sent on compulsory leave,” he added.

He also said The United National Party wants to protect the IGP to seek favour in the upcoming elections. As the legislative body of the Government, Parliament has a duty on this matter as well, he said.


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