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Sri Lankan innovators urged to beat the dead line for project assistance

Sri Lankan innovators urged to beat the dead line for project assistance

Sri Lanka is now on the path towards becoming a leading Asian export hub driven by innovation and investment.

Technical assistance for developing the new export strategy towards this end was provided through the EU-Sri Lanka Trade Related Assistance project funded by the European Union.

With a view of achieving this objective the government has already introduced the “Innovators to Industry (I2I)” initiative.

“I2I” will facilitate and support the matching of the best and the brightest creative minds with local industries. In fact, this will benefit both the innovators and the industry.

A sum of Rs.25 million has already been allocated by the treasury to assist innovators and companies with innovative minds and skills.

Finance Ministry has stepped into provides necessary financial and other assistance for Innovators with an idea or a product but with no means to commercialize it.

Companes looking to up your game with new ideas and create new value will also be provided with necessary support under I2I initiative

Through I2I, the Ministry will match both y the innovator and the industry enabling innovators to commercialize their innovative idea or product in selected private sector companies that are keen to gain a new competitive edge.


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