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Development projects to cover all areas

Development projects to cover all areas

President Maithripala Sirisena said he will launch a programme to distribute development work evenly to cover all areas by changing the current lopsided system of development restricted only to a few areas.

The President was addressing a meeting after opening a school building at the Divulankadawala Madya Maha Vidyalaya in Polonnaruwa yesterday morning.

This ceremony heralded the opening ceremonies of 180 projects completed in the Polonnaruwa district under the ‘Pibidemu Polonnaruwa’ programme launched on a concept of the President. The President said a giant development war would be launched in the country equivalent to the development projects completed in the Polonnaruwa district.

It would be a people based development programme catering to the heartbeat of the people and not one restricted to a concrete jungle.

Rs. 60,000 million had been allocated for the development programmes in the Polonnaruwa district through the Pibidemu Polonnaruwa programme initiated by the President. This is the largest slice of funds allocated by any government for development work in Polonnaruwa.

The 180 development programmes opened on the three days are among the large list of development projects completed and vested in the public from 2015 to 2018.

Most of the benefits under this programme will accrue to the country’s child generation, its inheritors.

Among the projects vested in the people were religious, cultural, educational and health projects completed in Hingurakgoda Medirigiriya and Elahera Divisional Secretariat divisions.

These projects were also vested in the public by the President and other Ministers and Parliamentarians.

The Sevagama water supply project completed at a cost of Rs. 425 million was vested in the public by Minister Rauf Hakeem. He also joined the inauguration work on the Onegama water supply project with A. L. M. Hisbullah and Minister P. Harrison.

These Ministers also participated in the opening of the Puttur water supply scheme which would benefit 250 families in the area and the new classroom building at the Puttur Muslim Kanishta Vidyalaya.

Minister Daya Gamage, state Minister Lakshman Seneviratne and Wayamba University Vice-Chancellor Prof. E. M. P. Ekanayake participated in the opening of a new two storey building at Bakamuna DS divisional in Elahera.

Minister Duminda Dissanayake and Parliamentarians Sydney Jayaratne opened the renovated Kawuduluwewa Devalaya and Vishrama Salava (Rest hall).

They also opened a new building at the Diggalpura Primary school and Medirigiriya Irrigation management unit building.

Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya opened the new school building at Wadigawewa primary school new primary learning resources centre at Mandalagiriya Maha Vidyalaya, three storey building at Udaragama primary school and laid foundation stones for a school building at Meegaswewa Kanishta Vidyalaya.

Western Province Chief Minister Isuru Devapriya and Parliamentarians Chathura Senaratne opened a new school building at the Rotawewa Sinhala Kanishta Vidyalaya.

Deputy Minister Buddhika Pathirana and Provincial Minister Ranjith Somawansa officiated at the laying of foundation stones for a school building at the Talakolawewa Primary School and opening of a school building at the Kumudupura primary school.

(Daily News)

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