Govt. removing my name from constructions: MR

Govt. removing my name from constructions: MR

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said today the government was attempting to remove his name from all constructions named after him.

Following are several questions and answers exchanged between a journalist and Mr. Rajapaksa, when the latter visited the Homagama Purana Temple to pay his last respects to the late Ven. Madowita Pagnakiththi Thera who was the Chief Sanghanayake of the Seenadhi Siu Koralaya.

Q - Is there a plan to remove the pavilion at the Galle International Cricket Stadium named after you?

A - The main issue with this government is my name. It is not an issue if it removes my name from the stadium, but it is in the process of removing Mahindodaya Technical Laboratories set up in schools.

Q - The President tells us not to lose the democracy we enjoy today and shed tears later.

A - Yes, democracy is overflowing these days.

Meanwhile, MP Bandula Gunawardene who also expressed his views on this occasion said the person who saved the country was now not having any regard from the government. (K. Buddhika Kumarasiri and Priyantha Jayalath)

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