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JVP to protest Govt’s price increases

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) will organise a series of protests against the government decision to increase prices of fuel and essential commodities.

Former JVP Parliamentarian and JVP politburo member Lal Kantha yesterday said that his party will begin a series of protests against the fuel price hike on Mary 22 from Colombo.

Speaking at a press conference at Battaramulla, Lal Kantha said the average man has a true understanding over how prices of essential items have increased for the past few months. “They feel that the price hike has had an impact on them,” he said .

He said that no Government can take the people for a ride.“This government is similar to a father who was addicted to gambling. He does not earn nor dees he save what others earn,” he said.

Lal Kantha said that the people would take to the streets in protest against the government move to increase the prices of fuel and essential commodities. 

(Daily News)

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