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I am not a King: President

I am not a King: President

The President has said that he would do a maximum service as a public servant but not as a king. He has said that he would be committed to create a political and social change without allowing the country to be divided on party colours.

President Maithripala Sirisena who went to Polonnaruwa Sri Shakya Bimbarama Temple engaged in religious practices. Thereafter he expressed those views while addressing the gathering. The President said that although he came to power after 732 years following the end of Polonnaruwa kingdom, he is not a king.

He said that he was looking to make a change in social and political fields in the country with economic changes. The President said the he does not consider party politics when he is working as the President. The President called over on Chief Incumbent of Shakya Bimbaramaya Temple Venerable Yatiyalagala Upatissa Thera. He exchanged views with the people who gathered at the temple premises.

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