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Cooray slams Wiggy over ‘temple issue’

The Governor of the Northern Province, Reginold Cooray yesterday (19) denied the allegation levelled at him by the Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran, who has claimed that the Governor is presently plotting to commence the construction of two Buddhist temples in the Kilinochchi area once the Northern Provincial Council is dissolved.

Speaking to Ceylon Today, Governor Cooray said that the Chief Minister of the Northern Province is a diabolical liar and is on a mission to cover up his political impotency by fabricating falsehoods.

Responding to the Chief Minister’s accusation of the Governor’s involvement in the commencement of the construction of two Buddhist temples in the Kilinochchi area, where the Tamil majority is living, the Governor challenged Wigneswaran to furnish facts and evidence to prove his allegation.

“I vehemently condemn the statement of CM Wigenswaran. I challenge the CM to reveal the areas and the Divisional Secretariats in which those two Buddhist temples, which are to be constructed. I have never engaged in promoting any religion whatsoever, but revere all religions equally. This is simply another fabrication of the CM of Northern Province who is labelled as a diabolical liar,” Cooray remarked.

Governor Cooray adds that he is not patronizing any religious activities but promotes reconciliation between communities of the country and attends any religious or cultural event despite the ethnicity and religion. He asserted that he acts as the representative of the President of Sri Lanka and executes his responsibility with regard to the affairs of Constitutional significance of the Province.

When queried whether the Chief Minister of the Northern Province, C.V. Wigneswaran, holds any personal grudges against him, Governor Cooray refuted it. He went on to say that Wigneswaran has been unable to carry out any development activity in the North despite the allocation of finances for large-scale projects and is engaged in slinging mud at others to cover up his political disability and failure.

Replying to the question, raised by Ceylon Today, as to why those politicians oppose the construction of Buddhist temples in the North, Governor Cooray said that the majority of them are politically driven and do not want the reconciliation or the co-existence between the communities which may be politically disadvantageous to the selfish lot.

“In the South, many Buddhist temples have allocated shrines to the Hindu Gods and the Buddhists equally revere and worship them.

It is not the case in the North. Northerners want to remove the Buddhist statues as well as places of worship from their soil. If you clearly see, the Gods of two religions co-exist in temples, but it’s the devotees that battle”, Cooray quipped.

(Ceylon Today)

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