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Lanka IOC rated AAA by LRA

Lanka Rating Agency (LRA) has assigned Lanka IOC’s (LIOC) a long- and short-term corporate credit ratings AAA and PP1 respectively. On a stand--alone credit profile, LIOC rated at AA+ and P1 and notched up on parent support. The long-term rating carries a stable outlook.


ICOM 2015 hosts Sri Lanka

TIIKM’s 3rd Annual International Conference on Marketing 2015 (ICOM-2015) with a theme of “Redefining the Art and Science of Marketing” will be held during 17-18 February 2015 in Colombo.


Policy interest rates unchanged.Access to SDF remains rationalised

According to the review of Monetary Policy in Januay, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka says, in December 2014, headline inflation on a year-on-year basis was at 2.1 per cent compared to 1.5 per cent in the previous month. Core inflation, which directly measures underlying price pressures, continued to remain between 3-4 per cent while decelerating to 3.2 per cent in December 2014 from 3.6 per cent in November. While low inflation is mainly attributable to contained demand pressure in the economy, it was also supported by favourable supply side developments, particularly the downward revisions in domestic energy prices in the last few months of 2014. Subdued demand pressure and inflation expectations in the economy, the favourable impact of further reductions in fuel prices in January 2015, and the expected reduction of administered prices of other key commodities announced in the Government’s ‘100-Day Programme’ are expected to reduce inflation further in the months ahead.

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