DIMO Premier: hassle free one stop shop for certified pre-owned vehicles

DIMO is bringing the best of tailored, high quality service to customers via ‘DIMO Premier’, its product for certified pre-owned franchised and non-franchised vehicles. These vehicle owners can upgrade, or sell their vehicles via DIMO Premier with a guarantee of safety and quality. DIMO Premier allows aspiring Mercedes-Benz, Jeep and Chrysler customers to begin their journey into the premium world with certified used Mercedes-Benz, Jeep and Chrysler vehicles.


Sri Lanka’s modern grocery retail sector records a robust growth

Sri Lanka’s modern grocery retail sector has seen a robust growth with improving incomes, rising urbanization and changing lifestyles which attracted more customers from traditional grocer channels. SoftLogic Holdings PLC is one of Sri Lanka’s largest diversified conglomerates


Aitken Spence Net Assets Increases to Rs. 112.30 Per Share

Leading conglomerate Aitken Spence PLC’s financial results released to the Colombo Stock Exchange revealed quarterly revenue increasing year-on-year(YoY) to Rs. 12.41 billion from Rs. 12.28 billion while revenue for the six months was Rs. 22.98 billion. The Group also recorded an improved net assets per share value of Rs. 112.30.

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