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Say hello to new adventures in 2015 with Emirates

Say hello to new adventures in 2015 with Emirates

New year, new adventures. Emirates is making it even more attractive for globalistas travelling from Sri Lanka to say “hello” to new destinations and experiences in 2015 with its offer of special fares to a wide range of cities across six continents.

Bookings have to be made between 12th to 31st January, for travel between 22nd January and 30th November 2015.

“Many people make travel resolutions for the New Year, and as a global connector of people and places, we’d love to help our customers fulfil their travel aspirations,” said Thierry Antinori, Emirates’ Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer.

“Emirates offers a great network of global destinations, a great flying experience, and now for a limited time, great special fares. Whether it is to explore a new city, try out a new experience, or just making that long-promised visit to friends and family, there is never a better time to make those travel plans a reality with Emirates. We look forward to welcoming more customers, whether avid fans or first time flyers, on board our flagship A380 as we continue to add A380 services across our network.”

All inclusive Economy Class fares start at Rs 26,961 to destinations in Asia, at Rs 72,207 to Europe, Rs 43,957 to the Middle East, and Rs 121,002 to the Americas. Business Class fares start from Rs 57,345 to Asia, Rs 250,325 to Europe, Rs 101,957 to the Middle East, and Rs 349,312 to the Americas.*

Emirates flies to 147 cities in 84 countries. New destinations added to its network in 2014 include: Taipei, Boston, Abuja, Chicago, Oslo, Brussels and Budapest.

It is not only the destinations that are increasing, Emirates also continues to add the latest aircraft to its fleet which now stands at 232. Its young, all wide-body aircraft fleet offers the latest on-board comforts including food prepared by gourmet chefs, and over 2,000 channels of entertainment on its award-winning ice system. Emirates also operates 57 Airbus A380s, which currently serve 33 destinations spanning from Auckland in the East to Los Angeles in the West.

For more information on Emirates, including how to book flights and a complete list of terms and conditions, contact your travel agent or visit www.emirates.com.

Source - mirror.lk

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