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Primary crops exports to hit 5b by 2025

Sector records 40% annual growth since 2016
23 agro processing zones, 10 fisheries zones establishe

With successful initiation of several projects to boost exports in spices, fruits, vegetables and fisheries, Primary Industries Minister Daya Gamage expressed confidence that Sri Lanka would generate an income of $ 5 billion by 2025 in primary exports.

“The primary exports are growing at a rate of 40% per annum since 2016. At this growth momentum we will be able to generate $ 5 billion by 2025, which is three times higher than the target given to me,” the Minister said.

According him, the Government given export income target for the Primary Industries Ministry is $ 1.5 billion per annum by 2025.

He said the successful establishment of 23 agro processing zones and 10 mega zones for fisheries sector development and programs for revitalisation of spices industry and for entrepreneurship support resulted in fast-tracked growth in the sector since 2016.


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