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Tea Board provides financial assistance for Ceylon tea promotion

Sri Lanka will be implementing worldwide brand promotion campaign with the aim of finding new markets and strengthening existing ones for Ceylon Tea.

Sri Lanka Tea Board will provide financial assistance for registered tea exporters under the Brand Promotion Scheme for promotion of pure Ceylon tea brands with Lion Logo in selected overseas markets for the year 2019.

Only Sri Lankan owned tea brands which have been registered in Sri Lanka by the Director General, National Intellectual Property office will be eligible for promotional assistance under the scheme.

Applications for financial assistance for brand promotion projects with lion logo were closed on September 21.

As the facilitator, Sri Lanka Tea Board is assisting the private sector companies to improve their performance in terms of exports. The government has set a target of USD USD 5 billion by 2020.

In order to achieve these targets and since the country’s production capacity is limited, the Tea exporters will have to bring a higher dollar value per kilo of teal.

The Tea board has launched this campaign involving marketing, branding, value addition and attracting a higher consumer level than the mass-market consume.


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