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Sri Lanka’s central expressway project struck in midway

Sri Lanka’s central expressway project has struck in midway owing to the delay in Phase 1 and 3 of the project, Minister of Public Enterprise & Kandy City Development Lakshman Kiriella claimed.

He told a meeting yesterday (Tuesday 18) that arrangements have been made to open phase two of the central expressway by August 2019.

The second phase of Sri Lanka's central expressway from Colombo to Kandy is built by 16 local contractors is already 25 percent complete and is on track to be finished by December 2019,

The other two sections of the expressway are being delayed due to construction and funding issues.

The Road Development Authority (RDA) has sought government intervention to expedite a Chinese loan to get going with a multibillion rupee expressway project delayed for more than two and half years.

The loan amounting to US$ 1.1 billion (Rs 160 billion) approved by the Exim Bank of China has been delayed for unknown reasons, thereby preventing the RDA from carrying on with the construction of the first phase of the Central Expressway project from Kadwatha to Mirigama – a stretch of 37.09 km.

Although the Exim bank of China had approved the loan, the bank needed approval from the Government to release the funds. “

Awarding the Phase 3 construction contract to Taisei Japanese Company has also raised several issues.

The process followed in granting this contract as well as the previous track record of the company including being the cause behind a giant sinkhole in Fukuoka, Japan has become stumbling block for the project.
It was also reported recently that Taisei had requested payment of 04 Billion Rupees for a 190-day delay in taking over the Colombo Outer Circular Expressway project.

Tasiei had warned if an immediate decision is not made with regard to the amount in question, that there would be an impact on the construction of phase three of the Central Expressway.


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