Dongsung Bio introduces Hot6 Nutritious energy drink to SL market

Dongsung Bio introduces Hot6 Nutritious energy drink to SL market

Hot6 Nutritious energy drink manufactured by Chilsung Beverage Co Ltd, a subsidiary of South Korea’s Lotte Group, has been introduced to the Sri Lankan market by Dongsung Bio (Pvt) Ltd. Dongsung Bio is the only authorized dealer for Hot 6 and the product is available in all Cargills supermarkets, pharmacies and grocery stores.

Hot6 is made of a number of ingredients that have natural medicinal qualities. Among these Guarana, a native to the Amazon basin and especially common in Brazil, is predominant and provides ample amounts of nutrients to boost strength and liveliness due to natural caffeine it provides. Another ingredient are the roots of the Red Ginseng plant that grows in South Korea which has shown to enhance the immune system and destroy cancer cells.

Moreover Acanthopanax that can be found in Hot6 dispels tiredness and mental stress while improving kidney functions. Hot6 also contain Vitamins B, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C and also contains Inositol. The energy drink also contains BCAA Amino Acid, which helps generate strength and build muscle. Hot6, which dispels tiredness, minimized heart issues and boosts energy, has been approved by SLS Institute and National Dangerous Drugs Control Board. The beverage which does not contain alcohol helps deal with cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and neurological diseases. Those consuming liquor can reduce the harmful effects of alcohol if they mix it with Hot6.

(Daily News)

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