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99X Technology named winner at National Business Excellence Awards

99X Technology named winner at National Business Excellence Awards

2014 was a golden year for 99X Technology as it was recognised and lauded for numerous achievements in many spheres of work, and bringing the year to a fitting close, the company was declared winner in the ICT Services Sector at the National Business Excellence Awards (NBEA) 2014, in acknowledgement of business excellence in the IT/BPM industry.

The prestigious award is a tribute to 99X Technology’s admirable all-round performance in areas that include corporate governance, capacity building, performance management, global and local market reach, corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability, and business and financial results.

“This is an award that recognises a company’s outstanding performance in all its operational aspects and we are truly honoured to be ranked among the country’s most excellently managed organisations and look forward to setting new and even higher benchmarks in time to come,” stated 99X Technology Co-Founder and CEO Mano Sekaram.

99X Technology is no stranger to NBEA and has been recognised by the awarding body on a previous occasion, when it received top accolades in the ICT Services Sector back in 2012. The re-affirmation of this through its win in 2014 emphasizes the company’s drive towards maintaining and improving its overall financial performance and business processes on all organisational levels.

The National Business Excellence Awards is an annual award competition conducted by the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) with a view to recognizing business enterprises, which have demonstrated excellence in business, whilst contributing to the economic progress of the country. It aims to position Sri Lanka as a country with excellently managed organisations, thereby, making it attractive for joint ventures and investments, and as a source for products and services.

99X Technology is an award-winning software product engineering company that specialises in delivering high-end software product development services to independent software vendors (ISVs) worldwide, with a primary focus within the European region.

Headquartered in Sri Lanka, the company also has offices in Oslo, Norway and has an outstanding track record in building and delivering over 150 high quality commercial products. It has been ranked amongst the top 15 best companies to work for in Sri Lanka in both 2013 and 2014 by Great Place To Work Institute.

Source - news.lk

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