Monday, 18 November 2019 06:24

Not satisfied with number of votes received: NPP

While claiming that they were not satisfied with the number of votes they had received at the Presidential election, National Peoples’ Power (NPP) said they admitted the fact that they could not obtain votes as they expected.

An NPP spokesman said in a statement that they were able to take the initiative of a broad peoples’ movement which was a democratic, progressive, leftist and a genuine patriot political camp.

The statement said the NPP managed to create a deep dialogue-based principle in the country instead of mud-slinging, using abusive language on the political stage.

“We also managed to create a political stage on nation harmony and free of racial politics while some political parties tried to incite racism to obtain votes. We see this as a positive move towards the future,” he said.

It said even though those who became victorious in the election celebrated the victory, on the side of the people, they were not victorious.

“Those who came to power do not have solutions to the burning issues of the people. They will have undergone the same stagnating and suppressive social life they underwent for the last 71 years,” the statement said.

(Daily Mirror)

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