Saturday, 12 January 2019 10:36

MR urges main parties to go before people with separate reform drafts at Poll

Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday (11), suggested to go before the people with the constitutional proposals of both the main parties and allow the people to take a final decision on them.

Rajapaksa, speaking ... at the Constitutional Assembly further said that it is not politically correct for the current Parliament to proceed to make a new Constitution as it has lost the people’s mandate,
Speaking further, Rajapaksa said, “We will present our Draft and the United National Party can present theirs. After that, we can hold a General Election based on those two Drafts. So the people can make a final decision on that.”


The Opposition Leader also said that there are doubts whether all the Government Parliamentarians would support the making of a new Constitution.


“We should not allow any ethnic group to suppress another ethnic group in this country. This applies to the Sinhala community and vice versa. If there is a new Constitution coming, all groups should come to a common agreement. If the rights of only one ethnic group were assured, then it will lead to hatred among the communities. Do not create that political hatred.”


At this juncture, Government MPs began to object Rajapaksa, stressing that it is his followers who spread racism and hatred. Rajapaksa who denied these allegations hit back and said that it is the Government which acts with hatred towards them both in and outside Parliament.

(Ceylon Today)

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