Saturday, 22 December 2018 10:39

Elections to all PCs on same day: Minister

The elections to all nine Provincial Councils (PC) will be held on the same day without further delay, Internal and Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Vajira Abeywardane said yesterday.

Addressing those who were present at the ministry at the assumption of duties he said, elections were previously held for each PC separately by misusing public resources with the intention of winning elections.

“We will change this tradition and hold elections to all the PCs on a single day and if possible this government will hold the presidential and the general election on the same day as well because by doing so a huge amount of funds can be saved,” the minister said.

He said the 52-day long political crisis had put the country on reverse gear with the public service coming to a standstill.

“The political instability worsened to the point where government officials couldn’t figure out whose orders and directions they should follow with the result that the public service, the economy, the tourist sector and the faith placed in us by foreign countries collapsing. This situation has to be reversed immediately,” the minister said.

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