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Confessions of a Happiness Skeptic

There’s a saying that Russians are good at three things: suffering, making others suffer, and complaining about suffering. It would be funny, if it didn’t also happen to be true. As a Russian Jewish immigrant, I’ve lived that saying. I was raised to tolerate pain and suffering while moving forward.

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There's an exciting new breakthrough in treating some types of deadly brain tumors, that uses, of all things, a polio virus. Doctors at Duke Health in North Carolina genetically altered the virus because it produces such a strong immune response in our bodies. The result is a longer life for patients whose brain cancer returned. All had glioblastoma, an aggressive and lethal type of brain cancer. Of the 61 patients in the study, 21 percent who got this new treatment had were alive three years later.

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A Japanese space explorer arrived at an asteroid Wednesday after a 3 1/2-year journey and now begins its real work of trying to blow a crater to collect samples to eventually bring back to Earth.

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Joe Jackson, the father of music legends Michael and Janet Jackson, has died at age 89, his family said.

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The biggest Bollywood night of IIFA 2018 kicked off with celebrities looking their fashionable best on the green carpet.

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The ceremony to present the pirivena building complex and the sanghavasa of the Dimbulagala forest monastery to the Mahasangha and the unveiling of the wahalkada was held under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday.

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It is too soon to say whether Google or Facebook would accelerate their initiatives to prevent the spread of fake news and even if they did, whether the attempts would have a significant impact. However, the threats caused by fake news are not likely to go away as they have now become part and parcel of what the people have come to expect.

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The Cabinet of Ministers have approved a National Assessment Policy drafted to evaluate the productivity and long-term results as well as the impact of the Government’s development projects on public life.

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In a shocking development, it has come to light, following investigations conducted by the Police that a dispute over stolen toddy had led to the revenge killing of a six-year-old girl of Kattupulam, Chulipuram in Jaffna.

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Egg price hikes due mkt mafia - NMCRP

The National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection (NMCRP) stated that egg prices were excessively higher due to a market mafia. Releasing a statement yesterday (27), Chairman of the NMCRP Ranjith Withanage said that this situation had arisen due to a market mafia which was operated by a few large scale farm owners.

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