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I have always loved the sea. I retired recently and returned to Dehiwela, my hometown, to live by the beach after having lived in Australia for over 35 years and am greatly distressed, as many are, by the level of pollution taking place on the beach and sea these days. Interestingly, it is the people returning to Sri Lanka after many years, that seem to be most concerned.

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A Jamaican lottery winner couldn’t stop smiling and winking as she was handed an oversized cheque for the equivalent of $1.8 million Canadian. Actually, it was her emoji mask that conveyed the expression.

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While the entire nation is celebrating the auspicious festival of Eid, Bollywood’s Baadshah is away from home, shooting for his upcoming film. However, that hasn’t stopped the superstar from celebrating the festival. Shah Rukh is busy celebrating Eid with people in Orlando where he is currently shooting for his upcoming Anand L Rai film ‘Zero’. From the picture we got our hands on from the internet, we can see the ‘Fan’ star dressed in a black traditional attire with a cap on his head, posing with people around him.

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The power couple release a nine-track record called Everything Is Love as they perform on stage together at the London Stadium. Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z have released a surprise joint album.

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The Seven Sri Lankan Guys You will Date

You might be thinking, ‘Just seven? Is that all?' Absolutely not! These are the most popular types that you and I have would possibly have gone through in our years of dating, or perhaps, are still dating.

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WTF – Fantasy

What-Make up for Men  
Who - Viran 
Today on WTF I take up a controversial subject: Make up for men. It's been around for many years, and the art of it is to wear it well and not show that you are in fact wearing any makeup while using it to your advantage.
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