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Lester James Peries would have become one of the country’s top journalists had he remained in the profession. After all, he was quite well established as an overseas correspondent for the Times of Ceylon when his true Line of Destiny came to light. Lester certainly had a way with words, but it soon became apparent that he also had a way with pictures – of the moving kind.

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Colombo International Theater Festival

Colombo International Theatre Festival (CITF) is a high-profile international annual event which offers a platform for theatre fraternity of the world,

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The Waffle Café moves to Colombo

The Waffle Café first opened its doors in March last year and at the time they served up some fabulous Belgian waffles as well as my favourite the Liege waffle. They’ve unfortunately taken the chewy Liege waffle off their menu and they’ve moved to Perahera Mawatha where they now serve up their waffles in a quaint little café.

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Chef Saman Jayawardene

Chef Saman is a man of few words, preferring to let his food do the talking for him. And talk they do. I recently sat down for a tete-a-tete with Chef Saman at the Pasticcino, where we savoured some of his food over the conversation. Situated at the Dankotuwa outlet at Guildford Crescent, Cafe Pasticcino was Galle Face Hotel’s pastry shop offering, attracting adults and youngsters alike for their range of yummy goodies.

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CineStyle: From the Wardrobe of Wakanda

In the wake of cinema, costume is no exception. For a character to define context, it is imperative that their costumes provide cohesiveness. A designer’s challenge then lies in strongly ensuring both; concept and imagery. One at a time, the CineStyle is here to explore the various styles pulled by fashion designers for the cinema industry, how these garments commit to moments, elevate one’s experience at the behest of purpose and why they don’t easily fade away post-credits roll.

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