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The recent leak of the Michael Jacksons autopsy report has turned in a horrific details of malnutrition, injuries and emaciation.

The autopsy revealed the moonwalker’s last days were no cakewalk. His body was riddled with puncture marks, scars and his head was almost bald. Jackson’s had melted away to weigh just 112 pounds, his stomach was empty save for partially dissolved pills.

Jackson’s body, shoulders, hips and thighs were covered with needle marks suspected to be shots of painkillers. His hair was reduced to a fuzz and he was wearing a wig when he was discovered by the medics. His hair had fallen out and he was skin and bones. MJ apparently had not eaten anything except the pills during his time of death.

The singer supposedly was on a terminal decline since the series of plastic surgeries he undertook after his disfigurement.

Four fresh injection sites were discovered around his heart, it is presumed to be the spot where adrenaline injection was given to jump start his heart. Of the four, three had damaged his heart wall and the fourth had struck his ribs according to the report. The official autopsy reports several broken ribs evidently sustained during the CPR process.

part from the numerous scars obtained due to the many plastic surgeries, he also had bruises on his shins and knees. There were cuts on his back indicative of injuries sustained during recent fall.

MJ has had two autopsies performed on him: one official and another a private one requested by the family. The aforementioned findings are from the official report.

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