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Next album will be her last

Sheryl Crow will release her final album next year. The ‘If It Makes You Happy’ hitmaker explains she is keen to continue releasing music, but she doesn't feel full-length albums from artists like her will be in demand much longer.

Her final record will feature collaborations with Stevie Nicks, Keith Richards, Joe Walsh, Don Henley, and late country singer Johnny Cash.

"I've got this record in the can that's going to be coming out next year," she tells podcast Kyle Meredith With... "It's a very collaborative record with people I've asked to collaborate with me, people I've loved and have worked with and who have been heroes of mine forever."

"Albums as an art form are a bit of a dying art form. People are more interested in singles," she adds.

"I've made the decision in my head that the record that comes out next year will be my last full album. I'll just start putting songs out... to put out really pertinent songs that feel immediate."

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